Analysis By: Christine Tremblay

Blue morpho butterfly

Day of the Butterfly by: Alice Munro


The theme of “The Day of The Butterfly” by Alice Munroe is that we don’t always care about people until they are sick or dead.

We see this all the time in our society, especial with teens, where they are bullied to the point that they cannot bare it any longer, and believe that ending their lives are the only solution. And we often see that once they have died we all talk about how they were such amazing people and could have amounted to so much, and that they were loved, when in reality we never tell people that often enough when they are still around, nor do we always treat them with the respect they truly deserve.

The same thing happened to Myra in this story, seeing as how she was being bullied/ made fun of, but when it was learned that she had an illness people started to treat her differently, and began to reach out and buy her gifts.